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June 13, 2019

AFR interview in Australia: Webuild unconventional builder


MILAN, June 13, 2019 – Salini Impregilo is an innovative builder that is willing to adopt unconventional methods to get a project done. That is the message from Marco Assorati, Executive Director Far East and Oceania, who gave an interview to the Australian Financial Review, the leading business newspaper in the country.

Speaking ahead of the annual National Infrastructure Summit hosted by the newspaper, Assorati said Salini Impregilo had thought “out of the box” when, as leader of the Future Generation joint-venture with local partner Clough, it submitted the winning bid Snowy Hydro Limited for Snowy 2.0, the AU$5.1-billion (€3.2 billion) hydroelectric power project, suggesting changes to the reference design proposed by the future client.

Citing years of experience earned by the infrastructure leader from projects throughout the world, Assorati emphasised the importance of being open to new ideas and being ready to change elements of a project to overcome unforeseen problems.

Salini Impregilo’s leadership in tackling challenging projects is set be strengthened by Progetto Italia (Project Italy), an operation to consolidate the infrastructure sector in its home market. It will create a group with the scale and expertise to compete more effectively with bigger rivals anywhere in the world.

The Group’s innovative streak also comes from the young engineers it recruits through partnerships it is pursuing with major universities throughout the world, as highlighted in the newspaper interview. In Milan, it offers a master’s programme on construction management at the Politecnico di Milano, while in Sydney it sponsors scholarships at the University of Technology (UTS).

AFR interview in Australia: Webuild unconventional builder

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