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October 11, 2018

Webuild inaugurates third edition of Master’s programme with Politecnico di Milano after signing accord with University of Technology Sydney


Milan, October 11, 2018 – “We deem attracting young talent as essential for creating a long-term vision for the company. In the last three years we have dedicated particular attention to university students and young graduates. Together with them and our managers we wish to build a class of leaders for the future, continuing to invest in training” said Salini Impregilo Chief Executive Pietro Salini at the inauguration of the third edition of the Master’s in International Construction Management organized with the Politecnico di Milano university, reiterating his faith in young people to help the Group respond to the challenges that it will face in the future in the infrastructure sector.

The inaugural event came a few days after the signing in Sydney of an agreement of collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney, Australia’s #1 young university. The agreement will see the setting up of a partnership with a prestigious university in which Salini Impregilo will be a sponsor for a number of years to finance a bursary for female engineering students. The initiative will help the Group attract new resources for its projects in a country where it is taking part in tenders for contracts worth billions of euros.

Today, Salini Impregilo has a workforce that is on average under 35 years of age. It is scouting universities across the globe, and in particular in the United States where it wants to attract and train young engineers who are starting their careers, and offer them a cross-functional programme within the company. This is what has offered to the participants of previous editions of the Master’s programme with Politecnico di Milano who work with Salini Impregilo at construction sites in cities on diverse continents, such as Perth, Dubai, Copenhagen, Milan, Doha and in strategic cross border projects, as the Brenner one.

The Master’s programme guarantees training of the highest calibre in English for students from all over the world. It includes lessons as well as apprenticeships. Since 2016, when the first edition of the Master’s was launched, there have been 60,000 hours of training for young graduates, 30% of whom come from outside Italy and 20% are women. Their degrees range from Civil, Mechanical, Environmental and Territorial Engineering, Building Systems Engineering, Structural Engineering and Architecture, Structural Engineering, Management Engineering and similar career paths.

“Like every other investment, attracting young talent demands an initial cost and a bit of courage,” Salini said. “But the investment not only repays itself over time but also strengthens the Group’s ability to renew itself and grow worldwide and rise to the challenges of the future.

“We want to link the past with the future by strengthening the ties between our two greatest assets: our managers and today’s young talent,” Salini added. “I have faith in the future and the value that a Group like Salini Impregilo – together with young talent - will create in the world.”


Publishing date: 11/10/2018 11:46

Webuild inaugurates third edition of Master’s programme with Politecnico di Milano after signing accord with University of Technology Sydney

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