February 03, 2023

Statement by Webuild Ceo Pietro Salini. Acqusition of Clough assets in Australia


“Great team work to create one of the biggest infrastructure construction companies in Australia”


MILAN, February 3, 2023 – “Today’s operation is a historic one for Webuild. It is the latest effort on the part of the Group to expand in low-risk markets according to a de-risking strategy adopted in recent years. With the acquisition of Clough, we will become one of the biggest players in the sector, even in segments like energy, plants and defence infrastructure in a market that is growing at a fast pace.

“By combining the expertise of Clough’s and Webuild’s people, we will be able to guarantee the completion of projects of the highest quality for clients and communities. From the beginning of this operation, we have been able to create a strong team spirit. I want to thank all the parties involved for having worked in such a tireless and collaborative way in order to reach an extraordinary result within a short period of time despite the complexities of a number of projects, the time differences and the great distances. Thanks to the constructive and collaborative efforts made by the people at Webuild, Deloitte and Clough, as well as by the clients, unions and all the other partners involved in these projects, we were able to guarantee the continuity of some of the most strategic projects of the country.

“It took a big effort for an Italian company to reach a combined backlog of more than €12 billion and some 3,000 employees in Australia. But we consider this to be just the beginning of a great collaboration with all the players in a country where we aim to grow together.”

Statement by Webuild Ceo Pietro Salini. Acqusition of Clough assets in Australia

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