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July 9, 2024 - News

Tallawarra Stage B Project enters National Electricity Market

The Tallawarra Stage B Project recently reached a major milestone by commercially entering the National Electricity Market

On 18 June, at 3:30pm the fast-start 320MW gas-fired power station became operational. The addition of Tallawarra B to the market will provide New South Wales with flexible capacity to support renewable energy and ensure reliability during peak demand.

EnergyAustralia Managing Director Mark Collette addressed the milestone, stating: “We are very pleased to have Tallawarra B commercially enter the wholesale market, to provide more than 180,000 customers in New South Wales with new flexible generation capacity”.

On the coldest of winter days, New South Wales typically requires all generating assets running to ensure system reliability. With coal assets retiring, we know Tallawarra B’s role will be an important one in keeping the lights on for homes and businesses in the state over the coming years”.

Tallawarra B is the first new gas-fired generator in New South Wales in over a decade, complementing the existing Tallawarra A. 

As Australia progresses in its shift from coal to renewable energy, fast-start gas generation assets such as Tallawarra B are becoming increasingly vital. These facilities are crucial in ensuring the reliability of electricity supply, particularly during peak demand periods and when solar and wind energy production is low.

Tallawarra Stage B Project enters National Electricity Market

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