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Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild

We are entering the new construction era

Salini Impregilo diventa Webuild


Salini Impregilo is changing its name to Webuild

“Bigger, stronger and ready to serve the nation”. To build the future together.

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May 04, 2020 - At the start publicity campaign for the launch of Webuild.

It also comes on the day that Salini Impregilo shareholders meet at their annual assembly to approve the new name of a Group that is ready to contribute to the revival of the Italian economy within the context of an infrastructure investment plan capable of creating thousands of jobs.

Webuild. A new brand to represent the revolutionary process of a global group with strong roots in Italy.

A rebranding story that goes back in time aiming to maintain the  the DNA of a reality that started as an Italian construction company and became a protagonist of the global large complex infrastructure market, projecting it into a new dimension that represents its strength and ambitions.

The new webuild group will be a more competitive player on the global markets, bringing its vast  expertise and competence to the whole sector, fully committed to building sustainable infrastructure, and contributing to the growth and wellbeing of current and future generations. It will develop sustainable mobility, meeting global challenges whilst also respecting the environment and urban life. It will continue to invest in the hydroelectric sector, the centre of the global energy renewable system, which guarantees the access of clean energy through desalination plants that create potable water to an increasing number of people.

The campaign for the launch of Webuild


The campaign will underline the Group’s growth strategy: to compete always more actively in international markets thanks to the aggregation of Italian excellence in the infrastructure sector, beginning with Astaldi, and putting itself at the service of the country, as seen with the success of the new Genoa Bridge.

A highlight of the campaign is Genoa’s new bridge, which the Group built together with Fincantieri in record time, and which Webuild has bathed in the magic of tricolour lights in recent days following the completion of the deck. It lights up the bridge along its entire length as well as each of its 18 piers with the three colours of the Italian flag, accompanying the tricolour lasers that beam across the top of the bridge.

Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild.

Bigger, stronger and ready to serve the nation

Webuild Salini Impregilo

Welcome Webuild. To build the future together

Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild, bigger, stronger and ready to serve the nation.

Webuild Our DNA
With our hands
Webuild: The future is now
Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild
“WeBuild”: New Salini Impregilo brand. Focus on mission, people, organisation and expertise
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Our future must be increasingly connected to a clear mission of industrial growth, resulting from the joint forces and skills of everyone involved.

Pietro SaliniCEO
We: our people

We: our people

The Group's identity is deeply linked to the identity of the people who contribute daily, in our construction sites and headquarter offices, to building the seemingly impossible, through their talent, passion and skills. Our new brand is a tribute to our people and to teamwork: it celebrates us, the people who, together, achieve great feats, as we build a more sustainable and safer model of business for everyone. We.

Build: Passion for Building

Build: Passion for Building

The new brand, webuild, clearly evokes the Group's vision, through the strength and the immediacy of a single word: a verb capable of evoking the DNA of construction company that builds infrastructure. From Salini Impregilo’s historical payoff to We Build Value, the name of our digital magazine. “Build”, a recurring word, which appears many times in our daily vocabulary. A link to our constant promise: to Build Value.

Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild

The webuild brand

The new name will be placed near the existing logo, the sphere with the 5 whirls. A sign of continuity, during this strongly innovative and transformative period. It brings greater value to the solid foundations that our Group has built up to now, as we create our new brand identity.  Evolution and continuity that will also be developed through a proprietary font, which will make the logo even more distinctive and innovative.

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Progetto Italia: Where everything started

Progetto Italia, the operation created to consolidate Italy's construction sector, promoted by Salini Impregilo in 2019, will create a large construction Group capable of supporting the recovery of Italy’s construction sector: Italian companies will be more competitive on the international markets.

It brings a new Group to life: a Group with global dimensions, with financial features, human capital, experience, and capacity for innovation, capable of allowing it to compete with the large international players.

Progetto Italia (Project Italy) creates value for shareholders, and with the union between Salini Impregilo/Webuild and Astaldi, the new Group will have a combined order backlog of €42.5 billion (Salini Impregilo at €36 billion and Astaldi at €6.5 billion) and it will make the most of Italian know-how and create growth opportunities for small- and medium-sized Italian businesses that are part of the supply chain.

I numeri di Webuild

Progetto Italia

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Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild: bigger, stronger and ready to serve the nation

Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild: bigger, stronger and ready to serve the nation

Salini Impregilo becomes Webuild: we are entering the new construction era

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