Meet the Team

Meet Trevor Manyame, Health & Safety Advisor for the Sydney Metro - SSTOM Project!


Trevor is a highly experienced and passionate health, safety, and risk professional, and he’s excited to be contributing to Australia’s biggest public transport project. Trevor is based at the Orchard Hills project office, New South Wales. 

“I joined Webuild through the Parklife Metro Consortium in September 2023 to work on the SSTOM Project, and this role has allowed me to leverage my extensive experience in ensuring compliance and a safe working environment for all.  

“My journey with Webuild has been marked by a commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all personnel involved with the project. As a project Health and Safety Advisor, I’m accountable for the day-to-day governance of health and safety activities on the project.  

“My responsibilities include providing advice and support to the field construction teams, implementing Health and Safety plans, policies and procedures, conducting compliance audits, performing workplace inspections, training and coordinating emergency drills and exercises. I also lead incident investigations, ensure the close-out of corrective actions, and promote a positive health and safety culture, something I am very passionate about. 

“I decided to join the engineering and construction industry because it offers the unique opportunity to see tangible results from your work. Contributing to the development of infrastructure that has a lasting impact on communities is incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, the industry’s dynamic nature and the challenge of maintaining high safety standards in complex environments has always appealed to me.    

“I chose to join Webuild because of its reputation for excellence and unwavering commitment to health, safety, and environmental standards. The opportunity to work on a significant project like SSTOM was a major drawcard, along with Webuild's focus on innovation and sustainability, which aligns with my professional values. 

“What I appreciate most about working for Webuild is the strong emphasis on safety and quality. The company's culture prioritises the well-being of all employees, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. The commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in project delivery also makes it an exciting and fulfilling place to work. 

“I can see a great future for myself at Webuild and am excited about the potential for professional growth and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that push the boundaries of construction and engineering. The future with Webuild promises continuous learning and development, and I look forward to contributing to innovative and sustainable projects that benefit society. I would encourage anyone considering joining Webuild to take the opportunity.” 


About the SSTOM Project 

Webuild is part of Parklife Metro Consortium that will carry out the civil works of the Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) Package project for the Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport Metro Line, which will help the expansion of Sydney’s metro network, Australia's largest public transport line.

SSTOM Package”, to be carried out with PPP formula, foresees building six stations, in the section between the St. Marys interchange station and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis station, a workshop depot for storing and the maintenance of trains, at Orchard Hills, but also the superstructure, the signalling systems and the mechanical and electric systems of the entire line, and the supply of new driverless trains.

Meet the Team - SSTOM Project | Trevor Manyame

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