Meet our Team in Australia

Meet out Team in Australia

Following the acquisition of Clough, completed in early 2023, we are now among the main players in the country’s infrastructure sector, with a team grown up to 5,000 people.

Women and men sharing knowledge and expertise in a Group with about 120 years of experience in building infrastructure in 5 continents: from large cities to tropical areas; from deserts to the world's glacial areas. We all are working together to build Australia's better and sustainable future. 

Here are the stories of how some of our colleagues became part of our Groupand of what expertise they brought.

Meet the Team - Kylie New, Snowy 2.0

Meet Kylie, Moxy Operator!

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Meet our Team in Australia

Discover more about Webuild+Clough people, workers with different stories and backgrounds building together Australia's future infrastructure

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Meet our Team in Australia

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