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Infrastructure in Action: a Webuild Podcast series for Australia

Discover how Australia is laying a foundation for the future by building better infrastructure.

As it enters a new decade as one of the world’s fastest growing western countries, Australia finds itself at a crossroads: To maintain the prosperity, liveability and growth, Australia needs new roads, railways and renewable energy sources.

Smarter infrastructure, based on concepts like collaboration, education and innovation, means a better Australia for future generations.

Webuild’s ‘Infrastructure in Action’ podcast series engage some of the world’s best engineering minds to discuss the future of infrastructure and how to work with clients and communities to build a stronger Australia for generations to come.


Episode 4
How the Snowy 2.0 pre-employment program is empowering communities

In the fourth and final instalment of our Infrastructure in Action Podcast series, Snowy 2.0 Training & HR Mobilisation Manager, Aaron Reid, and electrical apprentice, Tenesha Baker, discuss how the Snowy 2.0 Project in Australia is positively impacting local communities for generations to come through creating opportunities for careers in infrastructure.

As the manager responsible for the project’s pre-employment training program, Aaron describes how his experience working with indigenous communities and passion for helping others to reach their potential inspired him to join the Future Generation Joint Venture team.

For those listening that might be interested in learning new skills and being part of one of Australia’s iconic infrastructure projects, Aaron explains how to apply for the pre-employment training program. According to Aaron, the most important attributes for those considering such a career change are self-belief, perseverance and the willingness to sacrifice a little bit today for greater rewards tomorrow.

A proud member of the local Wiradjuri community, Tenesha talks to Aaron about her career journey.

Encouraged by her parents, Tenesha left the retail sector after 10 years for a job on the project as a cleaner before finding her calling as an electrical apprentice. Now, one year into her apprenticeship, Tenesha wishes she had found electrical engineering earlier and encourages others from her community to consider taking on new skills and even pursue a career in infrastructure with the project.

Tenesha describes the work as tough, but rewarding, and she is excited about the opportunities it has opened up for her future.

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Episode 3
Collaboration, Contracts and Civil Engineering – How women are forging careers in infrastructure

In the third instalment of our Infrastructure in Action Podcast series, Webuild’s Shalendra Ranasinghe fields questions from her mentee, 20-year-old intern Megan Cavanagh, on what it takes to make it as a civil engineer and the benefits of a more collaborative approach to infrastructure delivery.

Shalendra shares with Megan the highlights of her career, which has spanned three decades and three continents, and discusses ways engineers can accelerate their career paths from quite a relatively young age, as well as the personal attributes required to enjoy success working in the infrastructure sector.

Megan also discusses the concept of collaboration with her mentor, not only in a formal, contractual sense, but as a general cooperative approach to minimise risk throughout the delivery of infrastructure megaprojects and maximise value for clients, contractors and communities.

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Episode 2
Engineering strength from diversity for infrastructure: women driving innovation in engineering

In the second episode of our Infrastructure in Action Podcast series, Webuild’s Guido Cacciaguerra hosts Prof. Sandra Kentish from The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne School of Engineering to discuss the growing importance of women in the delivery of infrastructure megaprojects in Australia.

The current situation of underrepresentation of women in engineering and construction has both a symbolic and compounding effect, which institutionalises poor attraction and retention of girls and women in STEM from an early age.

Guido and Sandra discuss the ways in which greater female participation in STEM courses, such as civil engineering, can be achieved, how it will lead to a stronger and more diverse infrastructure sector and, in turn, Australia’s ability to maintain its prosperity and liveability.

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Episode 1
Seeing the Glass Half Full: the benefits of a more collaborative approach to infrastructure delivery

What are the secrets to smarter, more sophisticated infrastructure?

Better project delivery models are as important to successful infrastructure as innovative solutions are to technical engineering challenges

A more collaborative approach to the delivery of infrastructure megaprojects maximises value, minimises risk and leads to better project outcomes. 

In the first episode of our Infrastructure in Action’ podcast series dedicated to Australia, we discuss megaproject success stories and discover together the secrets behind their success.

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