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By building a new world, we bring the future closer


Webuild is a major global player in the large-scale infrastructure sector, with 117 years of experience worldwide

We cultivate long standing relations and partnerships in the countries in which we work (USA, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia), and aim to serve Australia's needs by supporting its long-term vision as it develops its infrastructure across the country.

With clients in 50 countries worldwide, we aspire to find forward-looking and sustainable solutions that create growth and innovation, while respecting people and the natural environment, and we do all this under the most challenging environmental conditions.

A global player, a multicultural reality

We are present in all 5 continents. People are our strenght. We compete with the main global players through teamwork and talent from all over the world.

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Direct and Indirect Employees 

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We build sustainably to create a better future with infrastructure that improves people’s lives


Webuild has more than a century of experience building large, complex infrastructure. 

Construction is part of our DNA. Our passion for the industry is reflected across a wealth of international projects.  

Webuild is focused on sustainable development. Our core business is dedicated to developing and building infrastructure that contributes, both directly and indirectly, to a low-carbon economy.

We have linked our sustainable development goals to our key business areas

Webuild grows in Australia


Australia is the biggest market for the Group outside Italy, with AU$12 billion in orders acquired or in the process of being finalised, bringing the backlog in the country to AU$22 billion

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Webuild is among the main players in the country’s infrastructure sector following the acquisition of Clough at the start of 2023. The Group has been present in Australia since the 1970s when it built the Melbourne City Loop in Victoria.

Webuild grows in Australia

Webuild + Clough

Webuild + Clough

Acquisition boosts Webuild presence in Australia with scale, expertise and workforce

Combined group ranks among biggest players in Australia with about 3,000 employees

We are in Australia

Webuild for a Sustainable Future in Australia
We are in Australia to build shared long-lasting value. Webuild infrastructure
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Glacial areas in the North Atlantic: Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Plant

Glacial areas in the North Atlantic: Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Plant

Located less than 200 km from the Arctic Circle, the Karahnjukar concrete-faced rockfill dam, with its 193 m in height, is the tallest dam in the Nordic region and the first of its kind in Europe.

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