Webuild Projects in Australia

Sustainable Mobility and Clean Hydro Energy

For 116 years we have contributed to the growth of the communities where we work, supporting clients in reaching their goals, with a “stay lean and go fast” approach, adopting flexible and safe solutions to satisfy our clients, pursuing efficiency and sustainable solutions to protect and enhance the environment, continuously delivering results in an uncertain world.

Whether it be a railway or metro line, a water treatment plant or a hydroelectric scheme, a bridge or a motorway, a water supply and sewerage system, an airport, a residential, commercial, industrial or hospital building, our projects support development in the most sustainable way possible to benefit all stakeholders, from communities to workers, suppliers, clients and investors.

We have worked in some of the world’s most difficult environments – from highly congested urban areas in Europe and the USA to the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Nevada, and glacial areas in the North Atlantic.

We have brought our knowledge and skill to Australia since the 1970s – starting with Melbourne City Loop in Victoria.

Projects in Australia

We support Australia’s growth with our expertise and experience – seamlessly delivering some of the country’s most complex and technically challenging infrastructure projects: rail, metro and hydropower.

We are in Australia to build shared long-lasting value

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