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Our pledge to build a more sustainable future


We build sustainably to create a better future and to create the infrastructure that will improve people’s daily lives

Webuild has over a century of experience building large, complex infrastructure. 

Construction is in our DNA. Our passion for the industry is reflected across a wealth of international projects.  

Webuild is focused on sustainable development. Our core business is dedicated to developing and building infrastructure that contributes, both directly and indirectly, towards a low-carbon economy.

We have linked our sustainable development goals to our key business areas. 

North East Link Tunnels
North East Link Tunnels


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Projects in Australia

We support Australia’s growth with our expertise and experience – seamlessly delivering some of the country’s most complex and technically challenging infrastructure projects: rail, metro and hydropower.


Webuild: Regionerate Rail Consortium selected as preferred bidder for contract on Inland Rail Project

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has appointed Regionerate Rail – a consortium comprising Plenary Group, Clough, GS Engineering and Construction, Webuild and Service Stream – as preferred bidder for the development of the Gowrie-Kagaru section of Inland Rail (128 klometres of new and upgraded rail track through the most geographically challenging section). 


We are in Australia.

We want to support Australia’s growth now and into the future by delivering world-class infrastructure projects, while ensuring meaningful engagement with local communities to minimise disruption.

We are in Australia to build shared long-lasting value. Webuild infrastructure

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Everything we do is about building for tomorrow. With every infrastructure project our objective is to build shared, sustainable, long-lasting value for our clients and for the community.

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Information material - Bridge project over the Strait of Messina
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